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Who We Are

Heiner is a property development business inspired by Melbourne’s reputation as the world’s most livevable city. Heiner delivers new homes which are affordable, contemporary in style and a natural extension of the neighbourhood, with innovative architecture, interiors and landscape design from hand-picked project partners. Behind each impressive project is our culture of reliable service and a commitment to delivering on every promise.

  • Project Marketing

    Plan and manage the marketing processes through different channels with our partners.

  • Project Sales

    Planning of property sales processes to maximise the project return.

  • Project Management

    Assist you in any stage of the apartment development process or manage the entire end to end process.

Our Projects

Our main business: residential building, including apartment, luxury houses, beach houses with the ocean view, and standard townhouses. LEARN MORE >

Residential Development

Residential Property Development - We are working with dominant companies in the industry to make out high quality residential projects.

Townhouse Development

Townhouse Development - We are experienced in develop good quality and unique designed townhouse.

Apartment Development

Apartment Development - Experienced developer of small, large, straightforward and complex high-end apartments.


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